Energy Healing Touch - Reiki - Clearing - Biofield Tuning - Tapping - Digestive Health

 Wear comfortable clothes and be well-hydrated for all sessions ;-) 


Reiki energy healing Healing Touch light in hands

Healing Touch - Reiki - LifeLight

Reiki (Rei-ki -meaning "Life force - Energy") is a healing-hands method to balance and repair energy flow. 

Healing Touch was developed by nurses (in 1980s) to repair the energy-body, bringing relief for body, mind, and spirit.
My style of hands-on energy healing is a hybrid of these and other modalities from Masters in the field, including Rosie Carey of LifeLight Healing, Cherokee Elder Jeff Harris, Dr. James Martin Peebles, and more (see certifications).  
I use my hands to assess, clear, and repair your system with safe nurturing touch. 

Source energy pours in. Blockages open up. Pain and stress melt away. The aura expands; the chakras balance. Meridians flow; well-being abounds.
By the end of the session, most people feel deeply comfortable and slightly dazed. They tend to feel lighter and happier. That's why we call it Joystream.

Often I give self-care suggestions, specific ideas for your health, if you wish. 

Drink plenty of water and give yourself time to relax after the session, to rest if possible. New energy patterns are settling in and may continue to do so. The energy of your healing session stays accessible afterward for you to draw upon at any time.

(Locations - Phoenix or Fountain Hills, near Scottsdale)

Biofield Tuning Eileen McKusick w Diane Stallings

Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning uses sound vibrations to clear the human energy field and the body, right down to the nervous system. This work is strong and transformative, especially when done as a series of 3 sessions (with 10 days or more between sessions).
The envelope of our personal field reveals difficult seasons in our past.
We may remember them or not.
The tuning fork harmonizes and transmutes dissonant vibrations and emotional charges into pure energy you can use.

This restores you.
Burdens fall away and can be permanently gone.
You naturally feel refreshed, renewed, healthier, light and free.
We can do Biofield Tuning in-person (Phoenix / Fountain Hills) or as a distance energy healing

See also the few contraindications when we cannot use Tuning and Aftercare for Biofield Tuning.

Energy Clearing energy healing waterfall

Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing

By phone or in-person, Energy Clearing is a guided relaxing introspective process to clear the root cause of any troublesome issue, whether physical or emotional. This works well for a persistent nagging problem, pain, or burden. This session requires only 30 minutes to treat one issue, but can also be planned as a full hour session.

(This energy healing is available by phone anywhere, or at our locations in Phoenix and Fountain Hills.)

tapping meridian points EFT

EFT Meridian Tapping

Energy Psychology: Meridian Tapping
EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as Energy Psychology and meridian tapping, is shown to be 98% effective in 82 scientific studies within the past decade (since 2006). 

A personal session gets great results, to rid yourself of trauma, anxiety, PTSD, recurring stress, cravings, grief, pain, and any number of issues. After a session you will be able to use this method accurately on yourself. 

We can do these energy healing sessions by phone - 30 minutes distance healing - or as a regular session in Fountain Hills or Phoenix.

herbs flowers seeds digestive health

Digestive Health

The digestive system is a key to good health. Leaky gut and subtle food allergies are prevalent, and this is a root cause of auto-immune diseases. 

Stubborn weight hangs on because of toxins. 

Usually our microbiome (good gut flora) is weak. Essential minerals are depleted. 

I can help you resolve these issues. My broad base of knowledge will serve you with conventional and alternative options. (See my Blog for many posts on healing the gut.)

Abdominal Visceral Manipulation is a gentle process to stretch tight ligaments of the organs, to restore proper alignment and mobility of the organs. Often this improves digestion. I am trained in this method for the digestive organs.

(Phoenix and Fountain Hills)

Biomechanical Restructuring Visceral Manipulation

Gentle Bodywork

Depending on your particular needs, I might incorporate a little gentle bodywork into our session along with healing touch.  

A specific passive stretch can de-stress and align the body. 

Biomechanical Restructuring invented by Valerie Revering is bodywork that coordinates muscles, tendons, and bones to work together. It relieves pain and restores alignment. I am trained in Level 1, and I use it occasionally.  

And Breathe therapists in Phoenix offer great Biomechanical Restructuring.