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Diane Langlois Stallings RN Joystream Health

A Registered Nurse in Phoenix and Scottsdale since 1978, I am passionate about mind-body-spirit health. A thirsty student, I’ve learned from Energy Medicine Experts, Spiritual Masters, indigenous American Elders, and Tibetan Rinpoches.

With 42+ years experience in conventional and alternative medicine, I integrate both in my holistic health approach.

I began hospital nursing in 1978, Intensive Care 1988 to 2016. 

I belong to the American Holistic Nurses Association and the Institute of Noetic Sciences

In 2004 I began using hands-on energy healing for patients in hospital and clients in Fountain Hills. I am a Reiki Master of the Usui lineage, an Enneagram Coach, certified in Healing Touch, LifeLight Healing, Access Bars, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT meridian tapping), Biomechanical Restructuring 1, Ancestral Clearing, and Biofield Tuning.  

I’m also trained in Quantum Touch, Emotion Code, Reconnective Healing, Applied Kinesiology, Muscle Testing, Nutrition, Digestive Health, and abdominal Visceral Manipulation.

I've enjoyed teaching Meditation classes since 2005. Catch one soon.

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You are absolutely unique and your session will be tailored to your needs. You will have my undivided attention, compassion, and confidentiality. 

I am available for your questions and support.   

Energy healing is an exploration and a discovery of increasing alignment, holistic health, inner balance and contentment. 

It is entirely possible that your session, whether in-person or by phone, may uplift your life in wondrous ways.

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The Benefits

Get Help for:

Get Help for:

Feel Better in your body.  

Melt Stress away. 

Dissolve old traumas and pains.

Release restrictions. 

Eliminate old behavior patterns or attachments. 

Enhance holistic health, recovery, restoration. 

Clear out blockages. 

Restore life force energy.

Feel grounded, centered, calm. 

Transform your awareness.

Gain more enjoyment of life. 

Align with your deepest wishes. 

Learn self energy healing methods to use anytime.

(Phoenix, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert)

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Get Help for:

Get Help for:

Get Help for:

"I have too much anxiety and stress." 

"I am sleep deprived." 

"I am grieving. I have so many losses." "Feel like I can't cope with normal life." "I can't shake this depression / worry."

"I want to stop sabotaging myself."

"I'm plagued by negative energies." 

"I want to prepare for a surgery or recovery." 

"I need holistic health support for an illness." "I want to reduce pain, aches, inflammation." 

"My therapist recommended energy healing for deeper transformation." 

"I want to improve my relationships."

"I want help to manifest my dream." 

"I want to learn Reiki / self healing and energy healing for others." 

Energy Healing Touch Reiki

Feel Better

Get Help for:

Feel Better

Each experience is unique, and no guarantee can be made,  but some Joystream Clients have said: 

“Unbelievably relaxing.” 

“I feel wonderful, so refreshed.” 

“Wow, I'm totally pain-free!” 

“This energy stuff makes a lot of sense.” “I'm just buzzing with energy.” 

“I felt bubbles releasing all over.” 

“Thank you for the deep peace I felt for days.” 

“Your work has been amazing, so helpful.”

“I was blown away with well-being.”

"Thinking of you with love and gratitude today. I feel like a new leaf."

"You have been such a huge part of my journey. Thank you for all of your guidance and support."    

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