Prepare for a Welcome Change with Energy Healing

For every kind of session wear comfortable clothing and arrive well-hydrated. 

Afterward drink plenty of water, relax, and be gentle on yourself. 

Take an Epsom salt bath or shower-scrub to release toxins 

and nurture yourself after the session.

(Some people may feel physical or emotional ups and downs the next few days, as their whole system shifts into new alignment.) 

Benefits will continue to unfold.  

Book a Joystream Session

Booking / Fees

For a Tuesday session at And Breathe in Phoenix, you can book online here (under "Book appointment" choose option "Joystream Health") -

- or simply phone the desk at And Breathe.

It's easy to text or call Diane to book your Tuesday session there, 

or Wednesday thru Saturday at the home office in Fountain Hills

or to purchase a Gift Certificate.

FEES: use cash, check, or PayPal - but you can pay by credit card at And Breathe.

My rates are $90 /hour for: 

Healing Touch/ Reiki/ Chakra Balancing 

Biofield Tuning in-person or by phone

Energy Clearing

EFT Meridian Tapping

Digestive Health

Gentle Bodywork

(An energy healing session may be a combination of several methods, depending on needs.)

(Rare house-calls or hospital visits are $120 /hour)

60-min phone sessions of Distance Biofield Tuning - $90

30-min phone sessions of Energy Clearing or EFT Meridian Tapping - $45

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Purchase Sessions via PayPal

Full Session in-person or distance - 60 min

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Biofield Tuning in-person or by phone (sound healing) /

Healing Touch / Reiki / Chakra Balancing / Energy healing / Gentle Bodywork / Energy Clearing / EFT Meridian Tapping / Digestive Health


Distance Session - 30 min

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

30-min phone sessions of Energy Clearing or 

EFT Meridian Tapping 


Express your Gratitude or consideration for downloads or gatherings, or settle up the fee for a class/workshop.

We are most grateful to you.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Contact Us

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Joystream Health

301 E. Bethany Home Road, Phoenix, Arizona 85012

(480) 246-2783 call/text Diane (602) 368-9880 call And Breathe Holistic Health



By Appointment

Tuesdays - 1pm to 6:30pm at And Breathe in Phoenix:

301 E Bethany Home Rd/ Suite C191  call  (602) 368-9880

Wed. thru Sat. at home office in Fountain Hills: 

call/ text Diane (480) 246-2783 

Distance Healing also available by phone (480) 246-2783 

Read this before Biofield Tuning

Ready for Biofield Tuning?

Be advised that under the following conditions we will not use Biofield Tuning sound healing (but we will use Reiki, Energy Healing Touch, Energy Clearing, and other methods).

Contraindications for Biofield Tuning are:

*Pregnancy or planning to become pregnant

*Heart condition or pacemaker

*Electronic implants

*Active Cancer or terminal illness, fragile condition

*Concussion or head injury in the past 6 months

*Heavy Metal toxicity (detox can be severe)

*Extreme Obesity (detox can be severe)

*Recent broken bones - only with caution

Biofield Tuning can be a Distance Session over the phone.

To prepare for a Biofield Tuning, drink plenty of water.

After the session stay well hydrated and do an Epsom salt bath or salt shower-scrub - even for a few days, if you like. 

Aftercare for Biofield Tuning