Healing Touch - Reiki Energy Healing - Biofield Tuning - Holistic Nurse

Healing Touch - Reiki Energy Healing - Biofield Tuning - Holistic Nurse

Healing Touch - Reiki Energy Healing - Biofield Tuning - Holistic NurseHealing Touch - Reiki Energy Healing - Biofield Tuning - Holistic Nurse

Feel Better! Alternatives, Energy Healing,
Vibrational Healing, 

Chakra Balancing, Distance Healing.

Wed - Sat in Fountain Hills (near Scottsdale)

Restore your body, heart, mind, spirit.

Relieve pain, illness, stress.  

Release traumas, blocks, anxiety, fear, sadness, grief, depression. 

Eliminate old unhealthy patterns, attachments, negative energies. 

Ease into a more vibrant flourishing life.

We are streaming with Source energy.  

At the atomic level we are only energy.  

When blocked energy is released, health and comfort flow through us. 

Painful cellular memory is resolved. 

The body repairs itself with natural energy healing.

The mind, heart, and spirit smile. 

All is Well.

Energy/Vibration/Sound is the medicine of the future, but you can experience it now.

Holistic Registered Nurse Diane Stallings combines conventional and alternative medicine, sound, vibration, and energy medicine with Reiki master skills.
Each session is tailored to your needs, and may include Biofield Tuning, meridian tapping, gentle bodywork, or hands-on energy healing to repair the body, the aura, meridians, chakras, and chakra balancing to bring harmony.
She gives you tools you can use and fun classes in meditation and self healing.

Ofresco métodos de sanación energética.  Hablo español.

Diane Langlois Stallings RN

Diane Langlois Stallings RN


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Tuesdays - 1pm to 6:30pm at And Breathe in Phoenix:

301 E Bethany Home Rd.  - call  (602) 368-9880

Wed. thru Sat. by appointment in Fountain Hills: 

call/ text Diane: (480) 246-2783

Distance Energy Healing also available by phone 

(480) 246-2783 

Fees - $90/hour session (chakra balancing, Healing Touch, Biofield Tuning, Reiki master, or any Services)        

$45/half-hour phone session - Distance Energy Healing, EFT Meridian Tapping

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Joystream at And Breathe

301 E Bethany Home Rd, Phoenix, Arizona 85012, United States

(602) 368-9880 call And Breathe (480) 246-2783 call/text Diane dianejoystream@gmail.com