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Reiki / Healing Touch / Energy Healing    
         Chi, Qi, Ki, Prana are words for the energy that fills us.  For 4000 years Chinese doctors have used acupuncture to restore the flow of Chi and health.
Rei-ki (meaning "Life force - Energy") is a laying on of hands to balance and repair this energy flow.
Healing Touch was developed in 1980s by nurses to repair the energy system, bringing relief to body, mind, heart. 

My style of energy work is a hybrid of these and other modalities from Masters in the field, including Rosie Carey of LifeLight, Cherokee Elder Jeff Harris, and Dr. James Martin Peebles.  (See my certifications.)

 reiki healing Fountain Hills
I offer energy sessions in Phoenix at And Breathe Wellness Center, and at my home office in Fountain Hills. (See Contact page for schedules and map.)
I enjoy meeting you on the phone before your session.
It's a good idea to arrive well-hydrated, with your intention in mind.  Wear comfortable clothing, as you'll be reclining on a massage table with shoes off.

I use my hands to 
assess, clear, and repair your system with safe nurturing touch. Divine Source energy pours in Blockages open up.  Pain and stress melt away.  The aura expands; the chakras balance.  Meridians flow, wellbeing abounds.
By the end of an energy session, most people feel deeply comfortable and slightly dazed.
They tend to feel lighter and happier.  That's why we call it joystream.

 I will give you a chart showing how your energies felt to me before and after the session, along with specific ideas for your health and general information about chakras.
For the re
mainder of your day, drink plenty of water and give yourself free time to relax, to rest if possible.  New energy patterns are settling in and may continue to do so for some time. The energy of your healing session stays accessible afterward for you to draw upon at any time in the future.

"I have so much more energy now, doing things I hadn't been able to do for months."  - Sarg Magyar, Phx

Biofield Tuning
Biofield Tuning uses sound vibrations
to clear the human energy field and the body, right down
to the nervous system.
The biofield reveals difficult seasons in our past.
We may remember them or not.
The tuning fork harmonizes and transmutes dissonant vibrations and emotional charges into pure energy.

This restores you.
Burdens fall away and can be permanently gone.
You naturally feel refreshed, renewed, healthier, light and free.

Biofield Tuning can be done in-person or as a distance healing.

Energy Psychology:  Meridian Tapping
EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique is also known as Energy Psychology and meridian tapping, shown to be 98% effective in 82 scientific studies within the past 10 years (since 2006).  A one-on-one session gets great results, to rid yourself of trauma, anxiety, PTSD, recurring stress, and any number of issues.  After a session you will be able to use this method quite well on yourself.  I offer these sessions by telephone /skype also.

 Integrative Health / Nutrition / Health Coaching
 The digestive system is a key to good health.  Leaky gut and subtle food allergies are prevalent in our culture.  Stubborn weight hangs on because of toxins.  Often our minerals are depleted.  I can help you resolve these issues.  My broad base of knowledge will serve you with conventional and alternative options.  

Biomechanical Restructuring
 invented by Valerie Revering is body work that coordinates muscles, tendons, and bones to work together.  It relieves pain, restores alignment.  I am trained in Level 1, and I use it for clients who come to Fountain Hills.   And Breathe in Phoenix offers great Biomechanical Restructuring.

My rates are $90 /hour for any of the above sessions.

(Rare house-calls or hospital visits $120 /hour)

Every Tuesday
I'm available at

                     And Breathe Wellness Center  - Suite C191
                            301 E Bethany Home Road, Phoenix AZ 85012
                                   see map   
                       You can book online, or phone 602 368 9880

Distance Biofield Tuning sessions available by phone - 480 246 2783 Click to call and $90 PayPal below.

Wednesday through Saturday, come to my home office in Fountain Hills, (near Scottsdale and Mesa) --
for a 1-hour session - $90 pay by check, cash, or 
 (Click to call at top of Home pg for appt.) 

Also available for 30-min phone sessions of Healing / Ancestral Clearing - try it, you'll like it!  
($45 - schedule before paying)
  (Click to call at top of Home pg) 


Classes / Workshops  
 And Breathe in central Phoenix
 (see map) and occasionally in Fountain Hills

 Meditation-Healing Class 
every Tuesday 7pm And Breathe       

 Workshop Topics:   Glide into Meditation
EFT meridian tapping
                           Personality Triggers: Enneagram 
                                   Leaky Gut and Food Allergies
                                   Nutrition, Detox, Weight Loss
Energy Healing for Self and Others
    Reiki I, II, III classes and Attunements

Meditation class at And Breathe ($10):  

Workshop Class ($25) :  

Joystream Health, LLC
(480) 246-2783
Phoenix - Fountain Hills - Scottsdale - Mesa - Tempe

Joystream Health offers chi, reiki, holistic, healing, touch, energy healing, chakra balance, harmony of vibration and aura;  treatment for pain, stress, anxiety; therapeutic relaxation,  mental health, meditation, self empowerment; physical, mental, spiritual alignment; nutrition, kinesiology, enneagram, EFT, self healing, Integrative Health Coaching, blending conventional and alternative medicine; Reiki Attunements, Reiki Master, Speaker, Healing Classes.
Diane Stallings RN serves people from Phoenix, Arizona, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Rio Verde, Fort McDowell, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Glendale, Peoria, Avondale, Anthem, Surprise, and Payson.  85268 85269 85254 85253 85250 85251 85257 85263 85264 85008 85034 85028 85032 85029 85014 85021 85051 85019 85028 85022 85032 85040 85017 85019 85016 85018 85027 85541

The methods offered by Joystream Health are not a substitute for medical treatment but are designed to support the healing process.

My practice welcomes people of all backgrounds and lifestyles.  Hablo español.

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