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are wheels of light, receptors and transmitters of energy. The root chakra is at the tailbone, the crown chakra at the top of the head. Each chakra relates to and feeds particular parts of the psyche and body.  When healers channel energy, healing occurs in the emotional and mental layers as well as the dense physical layer. 

                                                                                seven chakras sacred centers
Chakra Toning Sounds*
Here are some vibrational sounds you can use to stimulate your chakras and feel them in your body.  Anodea Judith suggests the simple vowel sounds may be most effective for Westerners, and I find them so.  Also listed (in italics) are the traditional sounds from India, spoken with an "ah" vowel.  Get into a relaxed meditative state of mind, and repeat one sound over and over while focusing your attention on that chakra’s location in your body. Start with “oh” at the tailbone. 
Chakra 1    base of spine                oh                    lam    
Chakra 2    low belly                        oo                    vam
Chakra 3    navel / solar plexus       ah                    ram
Chakra 4    heart                             ay                     
Chakra 5    throat                            ee                    ham
Chakra 6    3rd eye                         mmm               
Chakra 7    crown                            nng                 

(*Reprinted with permission from Anodea Judith)
Healer Anodea Judith Ph.D. is a doctor of Psychology and Human Health.  She has written many books including The Chakra System and Eastern Body, Western Mind, in which she beautifully combines biology, psychology, and spirituality.  She brings in the work of Jung, Erickson, Maslow, and Freud to show how each chakra relates to our growth and development.  You can find her excellent and informative site at http://www.sacredcenters.com/  

Meditation strengthens our Inner Observer and helps us identify with our limitless Soul.
When we meditate daily, stress relief unfolds.  Aggravation rolls off.  No matter what problems we face, life becomes easier and happier. 
        There are many styles of meditation, but one of the easiest is to focus on your natural breath.  Let your belly expand with each inhale.  Listen deeply to each exhale.  As your mind wanders (and it will, even for seasoned meditators), gently bring yourself back to the breath, back to the belly.  Gently.  Try it for only five minutes.  Five minutes every day for a month.  By then it will become a habit, and you may get deliciously lured into seven minutes.  And that’s fine.  See my blog for ideas.  Join us for a class!

                                                               meditation Buddha vibration energy balance

ENNEAGRAM is a fantastic tool for inner growth.  It is a system of nine personality types.  When you find your type, you also find the triggers that catapult you into frustration, anger, sadness, fear, withdrawal, constriction. 
When your trigger hits, you may realize, "Ouch, this is my habitual reaction.  I've been doing it for years.  Is there a way out of this loop?"   Indeed there is!
Gain perspective on your chronic habit-of-mind and release yourself into greater wellbeing.

                                           enneagram diagram mindfulness mindbody

When you understand yours and others' personality hot-buttons, life becomes more simple, relaxed, fun.
 enneagraminstitute.com for a free test to determine your type.  
Also www.enneagramworldwide.com and mundoeneagrama.com. Check out Arizona Enneagram Association.

        Give yourself a few weeks to decide which personality type you are. The answer depends on your innermost motives.  Sometimes that takes awhile to uncover, because we have inherent blind spots (unique to each type).  Take the time to delve deeper into your personality structure.  This is an amazing path to freedom and greater health on all levels.  If you'd like to learn more, contact me.

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